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Our Approach

Analyze Current QA Process and Incidents

To arrive at the best solution for the test automation development, we start by analyzing your current QA processes and production incidents. We need to know what area (UI, API, or Database) of your application needs to be tested automatically to avoid repeated failures.

Provide Recommendations for Automation

We offer recommendations based on our initial assessment of your QA processes, incident reports, and automation requirements.

Understand Release Process

We need to understand your current release process with the IT infrastructure in the CD/CI pipeline so that we can evaluate what type of test automation frameworks work best within your IT infrastructure and release processes.

Resource Preparation and Environment Setup

Once you accept our automation recommendation and terms and conditions, we submit our requirements for the test automation development environment setup.

Development and Demo

We start developing the automation test framework within the timeline and give you a timely demo as we complete it.

Project & Pricing

Test Automation Project Pricing

1 / Initial Consultation and Planning 

We analyze your current QA processes and incident reports to come up with test automation recommendations. 

Rate: $200/hour

2 / Test Automation Framework Development

Depending on the complexity of the automation framework development, we charge the hourly rate. We try our best to accommodate your budget as well. 

Rate: $120/hour - $300/hour

3 / Setting up CI/CD Pipeline and Demo

After completing the test automation framework, our engineers will work with your team to setup the application in your CI/CD pipeline and give a final test execution demo. 

Rate: $200/hour

4 / Ongoing Maintenance

Any automation frameworks require ongoing maintenance for UI, API, and Database updates and changes. We will support your project for a longer term if needed. 

Rate: $200/hour

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